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OWL Sacramento will win back seats in California and other parts of the country on a state and federal level. It will target voters in red districts and attempt to oust politicians who threaten fundamental rights of privacy and access to healthcare, fair wages, and other gains made under previous administrations. It will organize voters in these districts to help create sustainable activism through digital and traditional methods.

2018 CYD Convention Endorsements

Will be updated as we give our endorsements.

CYD (California Young Democrats):

(OWLS gets 1 Vote. All of our OWL members in attendance under 35 years old will meet together as a caucus at the convention to decide how to vote on these.)

Vice President of Membership
Vice President of Finance
Vice President of Operations
Secretary, Parliamentarian
Political Director,
2 National Committeepersons
Communications Director

State-Wide Elected Officials:

Note: We took this vote at Tahoe already but did not have a majority for these three offices.

Lt. Governor
Attorney General

CDC (California Democratic Council):

Note: this organization may be at convention and if so, we will have 2 delegates to vote and the OWLS Chair vote. We need to choose who those two delegates are and will likely do so at convention.

Endorsement of U.S. Senate Seat
State Constitutional Offices
District-level Partisan Offices
Possible bylaws
Statewide ballot propositions on the June 2018 ballot

CADEM (California Democratic Party):

OWLS rep from each district gets a vote. 1 per every 20 members in the district. Vote on who the party will endorse for Congressional District, Senate District, and Assembly District.

Region 3:
AD 6
AD 7
AD 8
AD 9
SD 6
CD 6
CD 7