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OWL Sacramento will organize individuals who wish to learn more about how current political power is structured and levied, best practices on how to engage the legislative process, and how to recruit other voters to fight back. It will bring veteran and new activists together to learn how to influence congress, voters, and secure future wins on election days. It will also create issue-committees to monitor public policy areas, to help educate and organize activists so that they can effectively oppose destructive legislation under consideration through grassroots efforts.

Check out our Events page for a calendar of all campaign events in Sacramento County.

Our monthly General Meeting is held every first Tuesday at 6:30 – 8 pm. The location and agenda varies with all of the information on our event and Facebook page! We try our best to keep these meetings interesting and to the point. Occasionally, we will invite candidates or coordinate a training. Click the image to learn more!

The Issue Committees plan meetings as often as they need. We have many committees that span various topics such as health care, educations, racial justice, and more! Our Issue Committees are what drive the success of Organize Win Legislate because they are meant for the experts in the community to weigh in on important issues. Click the image to learn more!