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Organize Win Legislate Sacramento (OWLS) is a political organization serving progressive activists in Sacramento. Our main objectives are to educate, train, and activate people who want to spend their time fighting back against the Republican dismantling of our government and rights. 

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Organize Win Legislate is committed to voter-to-voter engagement. Our goal is to reach out to voters throughout California and the nation. Our mission is simple, get voters to the polls and create progressive change in the community. We want representatives to protect our rights, our planet, and create laws that represent everyone. If you want to learn more, email us at info@owldemssacramento.org!


Below is a Google Calendar for all campaign events in Sacramento County for the 2018 Midterms.
Click on any event to join an OWLS-hosted opportunity to flip the house!
Each event has details about RSVPing, location, and more.
Please also check out our OWLS Facebook Page to RSVP.


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