Organize Win Legislate Sacramento (OWLS) is a political organization serving progressive activists in Sacramento. Our main objectives are to educate, train, and activate people who want to spend their time fighting back against the Republican dismantling of our government and rights. 

OWL Sacramento will organize individuals who wish to learn more about how current political power is structured and levied, best practices on how to engage the legislative process, and how to recruit other voters to fight back. It will bring veteran and new activists together to learn how to influence congress, voters, and secure future wins on election days. It will also create issue-committees to monitor public policy areas, to help educate and organize activists so that they can effectively oppose destructive legislation under consideration through grassroots efforts.

OWL Sacramento will win back seats in California and other parts of the country on a state and federal level. It will target voters in red districts and attempt to oust politicians who threaten fundamental rights of privacy and access to healthcare, fair wages, and other gains made under previous administrations. It will organize voters in these districts to help create sustainable activism through digital and traditional methods.

OWL Sacramento will make every effort to send representatives to legislate for the general welfare and common good of our communities. It will support candidates who respect a woman’s right to choose, advocate for a fair and sustainable economy that puts the working class above the one percent, and other progressive values in immigration, health care, racial and gender equity and justice, and many other issues. It will help progressive legislation through grassroots activism.


Organize Win Legislate is committed to voter-to-voter engagement. Our goal is to reach out to voters throughout California and the nation. Our mission is simple — let voters know what’s happening and ask them to contact their representatives to help protect our rights, our planet, and increase the linkage between voters and their elected representatives.

2018 Executive Board

    Liah Burnley

Political Vice-Chair:
    Sarah Wolley

Field Vice-Chair:
    Chris Grow

    Spencer Glasgow

    Maral Farsi

Training Vice-Chair:
    Aref Aziz

Outreach Vice-Chair:
    Scarlette Bustos

Communications Vice-Chair:
    Liz Anderson

Fundraising Vice-Chair:
    Marcus Wolf

Read our bylaws here.

Organize Win Legislate Sacramento meets on the 1st Tuesday of each month from 6pm-7:30pm, location varies.

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Facebook: www.facebook.com/OWLSacramento

Email: owldemssacramento@gmail.com


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