Organize Win Legislate is committed to voter-to-voter engagement. Our goal is to reach out to voters throughout California and the nation. Our mission is simple–let voters know what’s happening and ask them to contact their representatives to help protect our rights, our planet, and increase the linkage between voters and their elected representatives.

2017 Executive Board

Chair: Tristan Brown
Political Vice-Chair: Johnny Villavicencio
Field Vice-Chair: Chris Grow
Secretary: Spencer Glasgow
Treasurer: Maral Farsi
Training Vice-Chair: Aref Aziz
Outreach Vice-Chair: Scarlette Bustos
Communications Vice-Chair: Sarah Wolley
Fundraising Vice-Chair: Marcus Wolf

Read our bylaws here.

Organize Win Legislate Sacramento meets on the 1st Tuesday of each month from 6pm-7:30pm, location varies.

Check out our events page to keep up-to-date with upcoming meetings and calls to action!